margin trading
on your favorite DEXs.

Go leveraged long or short in your favorite DEX.
Trade with advanced order types.
All assets cross-margined.
Swap, stake, pool assets used as collateral.
All in one click.

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Margin Account Overview

Our mission is to bring the user experience and capital efficiency of TradFi to DeFi.

Vault Overview

For Traders

Open your margin account. Deposit any combination of assets as collateral. Use the combined equity of a portfolio as collateral for multiple positions. Trade with leverage on your favorite DEX.

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Pool Overview

For Liquidity Providers

Choose a liquidity pool. Select a risk tranche in-line with your risk appetite. Deposit assets. Earn passive yield on your idle capital.

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Composable margin accounts as a new primitive

A single collateral account.



Our margin accounts are NFTs. They are fully composable with existing infrastructure and can be represented as a single asset.



Our margin accounts are designed to work with multiple types of assets, including ERC20s, NFTs, LP tokens, ibTokens, and more.

Non Custodial


Each margin account is a user-owned smart contract. Arcadia cannot take ownership and/or any action on your behalf.

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