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Your on-chain margin account

Collateral shouldn’t be siloed, and margin requirements shouldn’t be isolated across many different protocols. We developed a composable, on-chain margin account to provide individuals, DAOs, and other protocols a way to deposit and manage multiple different assets all at once from a single place, access margin and borrow against their entire portfolios.

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Arcadia Vaults

Arcadia Vaults

A new DeFi primitive that serves as your composable cross-margin account. Vaults are non-custodial and allow its owner to actively manage the collateral contained within the Vault.

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Arcadia Lending

Arcadia Lending

While existing lending protocols only support loans backed by a single collateral type, Arcadia enables users to get instant liquidity against their entire portfolios for the first time.

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We are a small team of dedicated people that want to solve important problems at the edge of DeFi.

We value openness, deep curiosity and constructive feedback.


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