Borrow, trade, and farm in the most capital efficient way

Arcadia connects passive lenders and on-chain leverage strategists. Earn passive interest or 10x your liquidity to deploy across protocols

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visualisation of how Arcadia margin accounts work
A single cross-margin account

Everything you need to create
sophisticated portfolio strategies

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Borrow against your portfolio and collateralize almost any asset, including LP tokens

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Swap assets for any assets allowed as collateral. Trade with up to 10x leverage

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Yield strategies

Execute advanced leveraged strategies in a single transaction without having to use multiple different protocols

Lend with adjustable risk profiles

Earn passive yield by lending your assets to margin account users

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Deposited funds are used by margin account holders that want to access leverage

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Risk tranches

Multiple risk tranches within a single lending pool provide lenders with more flexibility in the risk, exposure and compensation for providing liquidity

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Reactive interest rates

Arcadia's interest rates are not set by the protocol, but a function of supply and demand

What makes us unique

Arcadia innovations

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Composable infrastructure

Arcadia is fully composable with any protocol, asset standard, or DeFi infrastructure

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Join the Arcadia community, chat with the team, meet others and become an active voice in the space

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